Friday, November 11, 2016

ACN Reviews: Debbie Davis

ACN came to me at a point in my life where I had actually been involved with other network marketing companies, and I had failed at every single one one them. We had three little kids.  My husband, Jeff was working full time at Chrysler, but there was always something in us that, you know, we just were not willing to settle for mediocrity.  We always wanted better quality of life. The biggest thing that we wanted, really, was choices. We wanted the choices to be ours, and not somebody else's.

I had a little bit different story than a lot of people because I knew the co-founders before this company was put together. It was because of what I knew about them that I actually got involved. And it was because of what I knew about them, that I knew that this opportunity was going to be huge.

Fifteen months after we got started, we actually had enough money to break ground on our dream home that we had on paper for 18 years without a clue with how to afford to build it. Seventeen months later, we moved in. And then two weeks after that, I pulled a big stretch limo up in front of the Chrysler building where Jeff was. He saw the big heart in the back that said, “just quit”. Our three little kids popped out of the car. I will never forget the look on his face.  Even though he knew that was his last day, it just seemed like it was a dream.

Not only did it give me a full-time husband, it gave the kids a full-time dad.  And it gave me a full-time business partner.  Because from that day, he became my business partner in every sense of the word.  ACN has gone above and beyond our wildest expectations. It’s given us opportunities that we never dreamt possible. It has allowed us to grow personally and develop in ways that we would have never probably would have. Personal growth is a really big thing with this business.  It ended up being one of the most valuable things we got out of this.

What really struck me one day was, wow I got in this for myself, but I realized that it’s 10 times more gratifying to see someone else on your team change their life.  Be able to have things in their life completely different as a result of this opportunity. To be really successful it’s forgetting about yourself and focusing on other people and helping them be as successful as they want to be.  It’s just the most gratifying feeling that you can possibly have. You could not pick a better time to get involved with this company than right this minute.

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